The service we receive is excellent. I can trust that any recommendations on servicing or purchasing are made taking the long rather than short term view which is appreciated.  - Theresa Thornton, Headteacher - Elsworth C of E Primary
Academy responds quickly to our problems and issues as well as help us much informed ICT decisions for the future. All this is done with a smile and a sense of humour! He is one of our emergency services. - Vicci Godbold, Headteacher - Swavesey Primary School
An excellent service providing an informative and practical service for every primary school ICT needs! - Carol Shaw, Headteacher - Pendragon Primary School
Cambridge Academies Trust to save 70% in licensing cost with new datacentre strategy - ‘Computer Weekly’ article
Microsoft official case study

- Microsoft Education, UK
Having a flexible, competent technician who can respond quickly to problems and work around the needs of our teachers is very valuable. Weekly support allows technical issues to be addressed before they build up. - Fiona Johnstone, ICT Coordinator - Waterbeach Primary School
An excellent service provided by a very friendly and helpful team, always there to support your ICT needs. - James Fraser, ICT Coordinator - Milton C of E Primary School
Our school network has never been so reliable and effective thanks to the ‘behind the scenes’ work that Tom puts in. He is full of useful advice, fantastic expertise and, above all, problem-solving positivity in making our ICT work for us - Nicky Noble, Deputy Headteacher - St. Botolph's Primary School